Ryanair plane forced to land at BER late Sunday

Details of why the plane diverted to the German airport remain sketchy.

The Ryanair plane at BER.
The Ryanair plane at BER.dpa/Boris Roessler

Berlin-Federal police late Sunday checked a Poland-bound plane after an unscheduled landing at BER airport amid reports a bomb threat had been phoned in.

"Police forces are on site at the aircraft," a police spokesperson said Sunday. Passengers deplaned and reboarded a replacement plane, which arrived in Poland at 03.46am. After searching the plane into Monday, no threat was detected. The plane is still on the tarmac at BER.

The plane, flying from Dublin to Krakow, Poland, was initially parked at a special parking position after the crew requested an emergency landing in Berlin, Jan-Peter Haack, press spokesperson for BER, confirmed to RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND).

The odd situation comes just a week after officials in Belarus apparently faked a bomb threat to force a Ryanair flight to land in the country's capital. Officials then boarded the plane and arrested Roman Pratasevich, a journalist critical of the government, as well as his Russian girlfriend.

A police situation

But the plane in Sunday's incident landed at BER at 8.08pm, and had no technical problems, and fire officials also found no defects.

"It is a police situation," Haack reportedly said. He would not confirm the reports of a threat.

Federal police were responsible for the investigation and spoke of "risk prevention". Police refused to release more details because the investigation wasn't yet complete, federal police spokesperson Christina Weigand told RND late Sunday evening.