Sarah Connor: Men should hand over half their salary 

The singer says if women are taking care of the household and the kids, their working partners should share their income.

Sarah Connor. No, it's not her real name.
Sarah Connor. No, it's not her real name.Imago/STAR-MEDIA

Hamburg-German singer Sarah Connor (40, known for her hit "From Sarah with Love") says men should share their income with their partners if they do the childcare and housework. 

"As long as the work is not compensated by the state, working men should pay their wives, who manage their children and the joint household, half of their disposable income," the mother of four wrote in the weekly paper Die Zeit in a piece ahead of International Women's Day on 8 March.

"At any rate, both sides should at least be able to decide jointly about the money they earn, without the one who stays at home having to ask whether they can afford this or that," Connor wrote. She sensed a great imbalance.

"In the classic division of labour, the working man pays for the family - the woman takes care of the children and the household. But the truth is: you can't have one without the other," Connor wrote.

"In a divorce there's an equalisation of gains accrued during the marriage, which compensates women for lost wages. Why should there only be such compensation in the case of divorce?" the singer asked.