Second cyclist killed in collision with truck in a week

Witnesses said the truck was turning and oversaw the woman, who died at the scene.


Berlin-A cyclist was killed by a turning truck early Monday in Weißensee, the second fatal cyclist/truck accident in a week as critics continue to bemoan the city's lack of cycling infrastructure and warning equipment on over-the-road trucks.  

The woman was killed as a truck turned right onto Feldtmannstraße from Berliner Allee, police and witnesses said. No further information was immediately available about the victim.

The accident is the second fatal collision between a cyclist and a truck this year. Earlier this month a woman died at the corner of Oderstraße and Siegfriedstraße in Neukölln. In that accident, the 56-year-old victim was riding on the sidwalk on Oderstraße towards Eschersheimer Straße. As she crossed Siegfriedstraße, a 46-year-old truck driver turned right, hitting and killing her at the intersection

The deaths come after 17 cyclists were among Berlin's 50 traffic-related fatalities last year. 

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