Serious accidents, possible homicide, keep emergency personnel busy Friday

A mother died and her two children were seriously injured in a Schöneberg fire, another mother and her child were injured in a collision with a truck and a woman's body was found in a Gesundbrunnen flat.

Schöneberg early on Friday morning.
Schöneberg early on Friday morning.

Berlin-A mother of two children died in a fire in an apartment building in Steinmetzstraße in Schöneberg early Friday and a female cyclist was transported to a hospital in Marzahn after she collided with a truck while transporting her child in Hellersdorf. 

Emergency personnel were also unable to resuscitate a woman found in an apartment in Wollankstraße in the Gesundbrunnen neighbourhood.

In the Schöneberg fire, both children as well as an adult also in the building were seriously injured. Firefighters worked for an hour to resuscitate one of the children, who was then flown by helicopter to a nearby hospital.  

The call forced the closure of nearby streets, such as Potdamer Straße and Goebenstraße, which were open again at 8.30am, though Steinmetzstraße remained closed.

In Hellersdorf, the woman transporting her child was first struck by the truck and then run over at the intersection of Alte Hellersdorfer Straße and Zossener Straße, according to investigators. The child appeared relatively unharmed and was pulled from beneath the truck by emergency personnel. 

The woman's condition is listed as critical. 

And police in Wedding suspect the woman found in Wollankstraße was the victim of murder. Her body has already been recovered for an autopsie but police have yet to make any arrests.