Severe storms expected Tuesday afternoon

High winds as well as more rain expected after dark as well.

Well, we need more rain anyway.
Well, we need more rain anyway.dpaWolfgang Kumm

Potsdam-Thunderstorms, heavy rain and hail will move across Berlin and Brandenburg Tuesday afternoon, the German Weather Service in Potsdam warned.

The storms are expected to be accompanied by strong wind gusts and will move northward from Saxony-Anhalt. The thunderstorms should dissipate Thursday night though heavy rain is forecast closer to Wednesday morning, especially in southern Brandenburg.

British air

But Tuesday is just the start of what is expected to be a stormy week with more rain and thunderstorms forecast. Berlin should see a high of 30° C Tuesday and between 24° and 27° Wednesday.

Very warm to hot subtropical air is swooping down from the British Isles, which will then be followed by a cold front in Berlin and Brandenburg.