Berlin - At least 20 shots were fired in front of a shisha bar on the corner of Müllerstraße and Transvaalstraße in Wedding late Sunday. Three people were hit by the shots, though it's unclear who or what was the target of the shooting - or if anyone in the bar returned fire. The perpetrators were able to flee and remain unknown.

Morris Pudwell
Traffic pylons as markers for bullet casings.

Investigators placed 29 traffic cones marking bullet casings on the street, according to a photographer from newswire dpa. A police officer at the scene said one of the three victims was hit seven to eight times in the upper body. One woman was treated for shock.

Homicide on the case

Police officers with submachine guns secured the area and heavily armed officers were also seen at a house in the same neighborhood. The prosecutor's office took over public relations unusually quickly after the crime, which only happens in major crimes.

The seriously injured were initially treated at the scene by emergency paramedics and several physicians before being transported to surrounding hospitals. Heavily armed Müllerstraße was fully blocked in both directions and homicide detectives have taken over the investigation.

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