Berlin - Winter's over. Officially, at least, as we know from the Spargel appearing everywhere in German life. But we can still expect something resembling spring temperatures over the next few days, according to meteorologist Dominik Jung of "High pressure system Renate is gone, but its successor, Sandra, is already here," says Jung. "Pretty cool at night and there was widespread frost on the ground this morning but during the day the sun can heat things up nicely."

But by Tuesday evening Jung expects denser fields of clouds to arrive, with showers and possible thunderstorms on Wednesday. 

Next week it gets wetter - and colder. Around 4-6 May he expects it will be "12 degrees too cold for this time of year in eastern Germany."

"The weather situation in the early morning of 6 May beats everything. We'll even have snowfall! Especially at higher elevations, sleet and snowfall are part of it," Jung says. "You don't really want to see snow again on 6 May, but winter is being very persistent this year. Spring is on the back burner."

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