So long, farewell

We're saying goodbye to The Immigrant. But immigrant stories won't stop being a key part of Berlin any time soon.

Merkel's bowing out, and so is “The Immigrant”.
Merkel's bowing out, and so is “The Immigrant”.Jörg Sarbach/dpa

Berlin-If our coverage on this page and in the rest of the Berliner Zeitung has done its job, it won’t be news to you that this weekend is one of the biggest for Berlin and German politics in a long time. Germany is getting a new chancellor after 16 years under the Merkel rhombus, and Berlin could well end up with a new governing coalition as well. For us, it’s not the only thing that’s changing, because sadly, this is the last week we’ll be bringing you “The Immigrant”, our English language page in the Berliner Zeitung weekend edition.

We’ve interviewed big names, discovered local projects showcasing the achievements and creativity of Wahlberliner, and taken a look at the issues that Berlin’s international scene is talking about. But the thing that has always jumped out from the range of different viewpoints and origin stories that have been featured on this page is that they all find something different to celebrate about Berlin.

Naysayers might grumble that Berlin’s not as cool as it once was, or that it’s lost the edginess it had in the „arm, aber sexy“ era. But the stories we’ve shared have been testament to the pull the city still has for newcomers wanting to try new things and create something new, and which keeps the naysayers from leaving. Hopefully, they’ve also shown less welcoming types that Berlin’s uniqueness is in no small part down to the experiences and ambition of the people that come here from across the world – and that that’s something to be celebrated.

Berlin is famous as a city that has reinvented itself time and again, and no doubt it will continue to do so beyond this phenomenal election weekend. So if there can be one constant through to the other side of Superwahl weekend and in the years to come, here’s hoping that it will be a continued appreciation of Berlin’s immigrant community and an enthusiasm for helping this city live up to its reputation as a welcoming mosaic of all different people.