Berlin - Little respite for the capital: Following the stormy at the weeekend, the coming days could bring more heavy showers and thunderstorms to Berlin and Brandenburg. After a partly cloudy start to the day in some areas, showers will move into the region by afternoon, the German Weather Service (DWD) said Monday morning. 

As the day progresses, localised showers and thunderstorms are forecast, with heavy rain, hail and gusts possible. Temperatures will rise to 28 degrees Celsius.

The pattern could repeat itself Tuesday: a bright morning followed by rain and storms in the afternoon. Temperatures will range from 27 to 30 degrees. Meteorologists also expect clouds and local showers on Wednesday - with temperatures reaching 29 degrees. 

Morris Pudwell
A tree fell on several cars in Sewanstraße in Lichtenberg.

Fallen trees and flooded streets

Sunday's storms resulted in fallen trees and flooding across the east of the city.  A tree fell on a car park in Sewanstraße Lichtenberg, damaging several vehicles. No one was injured.

Morris Pudwell
Am Tierpark in Lichtenberg was flooded on Sunday.

In the Marzahner Chaussee in Friedrichsfelde, an Audi was submerged in water in an underpass. The vehicle and the driver had to be freed by the fire brigade, but no one was hurt. 

A large amount of rainwater collected near a railway bridge in Am Tierpark in Lichtenberg, flooding both the roadway and the sidewalk.

Streets around Buch S-bahn station were also flooded, hindering traffic.

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