Berlin - A spectacular accident in Marzahn late Wednesday left a taxi nearly in two pieces after a tram collided with the vehicle and then pushed it against an adjacent mast.  

The taxi allegedly ran a red light, sources told the Berliner Zeitung, leading to the accident, which left the tax driver with injuries severe enough to require transport to a hospital. 

It's the second high-profile accident involving a tram this week. On Monday on Landsberger Allee in Friedrichshain a child slipped from the platform and was run over by an incoming tram – the child was freed by first responders and suffered only minor injuries despite having been trapped between the platform and the train.

In Wednesday's accident, the collision and subsequent damage forced the tram off the tracks. The tram driver and passengers were unhurt, according to newswire dpa.

Photo: dpa/Paul Zinken