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Berlin-Berlin isn’t just the capital of Germany, it’s also home to nearly 800,000 people who don’t have a German passport. And for many of those people, English has become their language of Berlin. The English Edition hopes to be a window into the interior machinery of the city, showing how politics, culture, business and history fit together to create the city we’ve all chosen as our home.

Once a week, the English Edition’s editors – journalists with decades of experience writing about the Hauptstadt for both locals as well as those abroad – publish Ze Newsletter to summarise the most important news of the week and add a much-needed outsider’s voice to the city's internal dialogue. Berliners have never been afraid to tell anyone what they think, and Ze Newsletter isn’t any different.

A clear opinion. Analysis based on a deep relationship with the city. And a selection of the news you need to understand Berlin that week. Sign up for Ze Newsletter now, and lern your city better kennen (and we promise to only use Denglisch for comedic effect).

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