OK, so this was at the German pumpkin championships last week, but you get the idea.
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Berlin - We have some ideas to keep your mind off the season to come.

EXCURSION: Domäne Dahlem

Halloween seems to be seeping into Berlin like fake blood on plastic vampire fangs and, in addition to a costume, you're going to need a pumpkin. This weekend Domäne Dahlem, an open air agricultural oasis (it's officially a museum) in southwest Berlin, is having its pumpkin and potato fest. Walk around the open air museum and get grub from one of the many market stalls, all without having to once get in a car. Open Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 6pm. THE INFO (in German).

Don't let yourself get played by corona - enjoy your weekend safely.
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MUSEUM: No quarters needed

The Computer Game Museum on Karl Marx Allee can take you back to the pixelated playtime of your youth, or just remind us of our lockdown where we spent too much time zocken. The museum has over 300 things to look at and a few old games to test, some as old as 1972 – older than the current iteration of this country we live in. Their current exhibition highlights food in games, and their permanent exhibition includes arcade games and virtual reality that can help you forget the pandemic (even though pandemics make us think of Plague Inc...) THE INFO.

The remains of the meal.
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 FOOD: The best foodcart pod

Street Food auf Achse says it's been bringing food carts to the Kulturbrauerei in Prenzlauer Berg nearly every Sunday since 2015. The pod has several regulars but changes up some spots every weekend to keep regulars happy. Nearby Frannz club peddles booze from its own trailer and when it's cold fire pits help diners keep warm. This weekend Fräulein Kimchi will be making Korean tacos, Las Chilangas Mexican tostadas and Sanpietrino Roman pizza, just to name three. Great, now I'm hungry. THE INFO.