Three tips for the weekend

Cute animals with something for the football fans, a last chance exhibition and some corona wine fun.

Guess which football team this red panda supports.
Guess which football team this red panda supports.Tierpark Berlin

Berlin-It's not like you can easily go and stay anywhere else in Germany thanks to the Beherbergungsverbot, so make the most of an autumn weekend in Berlin!

DAY OUT: New faces in Tierpark

The Tierpark – the zoo in the east – has at least six reasons why you should visit this weekend. This week, their dusty wallabies became parents for the first time - and you might spot the new arrival as it peeks its head out of its mother's pouch. The new joey wasn't the only new arrival. Three seriously endangered Vietnamese box turtles have also hatched (photo). Keepers also expect Sissi, a baby binturong, will also be out in the coming weeks after she was born in July. And there's good news for football fans – the zoo welcomed a baby red panda in June. She's been named Loha, which is Hindi for "iron". As a result she's now being sponsored by Köpenick's 1. FC Union Berlin, aka the "iron ones". THE INFO.

Just look at them.
Just look at them.Tierpark Berlin
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EXHIBITION: Last chance for Hannah Arendt at DHM

If something indoors is more your thing, you can enjoy a thought-provoking afternoon taking in the Deutsches Historisches Museum's special exhibition on philosopher Hannah Arendt – its last day is this Sunday, 18 October. This is the weekend activity for you if you like learning more about the key 20th century thinker's work reflecting on historical and political moments and movements like feminism, totalitarianism and antisemitism that are still relevant today. THE INFO.

Hannah Arendt in a 1964 TV interview
Hannah Arendt in a 1964 TV interviewImage: ZDF

 FOOD: Well, it's drink really...

Sorry kids, this one's for the adults only. Corona is stressful and for the first time in over 70 years we're being told when we have to stop partying. Well, we think we've found a pretty good way to commiserate. Kreuzberg wine pros NOER hold regular wine tasting events where they impart their knowledge on how the best wines are grown and made, and how to create the perfect dinner-drink pairing. And don't worry, there are samples along the way too. We just heard a few last minute tickets have become available for their red wine session on Saturday. THE INFO (in German).

Does this look like your idea of a good Saturday?
Does this look like your idea of a good Saturday?Imago Images