Three tips for the weekend

Brighten the dark days ahead – a Neukölln flea market, Israeli eats, German TV (really)

Is darkness falling?
Is darkness falling?imago images/Christian Spicker

Berlin-With the possibility that we'll be spending Halloween in lockdown more likely by the day, we're slowly switching to cocoon mode.  

WATCH: Public TV in English!

Every time you see the Rundfunkgebühr debited from your bank account you shake your head in desperation. Well, even if you don't speak German, a small selection of programming is accessible to English speakers. Check out the series on the environment planet e – with topics ranging from lab-grown meat to the internet's huge appetite for power. You can stream more than 40 episodes right here. Or check out Franco-German arte's English selection – with gems like a French documentary on Melania Trump with English subtitles or a subtitled German exploration of the notion of decadence in Western culture. Or perhaps an ARD doc on Julian Assange - also subtitled in English. And it's all free, if you forget about the fee...

Melania doc, anyone?
Melania doc, anyone?arte

SHOP: Nowkölln Flea Market

This could be one of the last weekends this year to hit the flea market on Maybachufer. Who knows when we'll again be able to amble from stall to stall browsing random knick-knacks and making frivolous fashion purchases you might soon regret. Don't let the new mask rule for outdoor markets that goes into force this weekend spoil your thrifting fun. THE INFO.

Three more Nowkölln markets planned for 2020
Three more Nowkölln markets planned for 2020Nowkölln Flowmarkt

 FOOD: Kitten Deli

While you're down in northern Neukölln, stop by the Israel-focused Kitten Deli. It's right next door to cosy expat-run coffee shop and bakery, Katie's Blue Cat. At the Kitten, it's all about the sabich: a fiesta of aubergine, hard-boiled egg, potato, salad, tahini sauce and amba (mango pickle) within a homemade pita. Dig in, forget the pandemic for a few minutes and lose yourself in Mediterranean flavour! THE INFO.

Sabich plate at Kitten Deli
Sabich plate at Kitten DeliKitten Deli