California dreamin' at the Helmut Newton Foundation.
Photo:  © Helmut Newton Estate / Courtesy: Helmut Newton Foundation

Berlin - We have some ideas to keep your mind off the season to come.

NIGHTLIFE: Day of Club Culture

The curators of the Day of Club Culture with Berlin Culture Minister Klaus Lederer
Photo: DAVIDS/Sven Darmer

In Berlin, clubbing has always been about more than just getting wasted and staying out all night. Since the 1990s, clubs have been at the nexus of Berlin's exploding creatitivity and its enviable lifestyle, or as the Club Commission puts it: places of "utopia, solidarity, hedonism, ecstasy, possibility." The pandemic is an existential threat to our clubs – but they're not taking it lying down. On Saturday, 40 of them – from ://aboutblank to Ziegrahof – open their doors with DJ sets, live music and performances – all with a thought out hygiene plan. Get out there before the next depressing lockdown comes our way! THE INFO (mostly German) + ENGLISH FAQs

ART: European Month of Photography

Back when Berlin was cool (1980). Miron Zownir at the European Month of Photography
Photo: Miron Zownir, Courtesy: Museum für Fotografie — Sammlung Fotografie der Kunstbibliothek SMB

The fabulous European Month of Photography is forging ahead in 2020, and will be going for all of October despite the challenges presented by our microscopic friend. Galleries and museums, large (Like the Helmut Newton Foundation next to Zoo Station) and small (like Retramp in Mitte) will be holding exhibitions, artist talks, guided tours and workshops - many in English. THE INFO.

 DAY TRIP: Canoeing in Brandenburg

Get out on the water and feel like a German romantic poet this fall.
Photo: Paul Zinken/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa

The lakes of Brandenburg are about as far away as you can get from the coronavirus on a day trip. Rent a canoe or a kayak (for about €10 an hour) from Rhinpaddel in Alt-Ruppin and spend an afternoon floating through waterlillies and forests. Tap some nature this dry, not-too-cold weekend before autumn strikes. FYI, you'll need a car to get there. THE INFO.