Thursday is Father's Day (and a bank holiday)

The tradition is men wandering around drinking. Corona has made the day more difficult but not impossible.

Meals on wheels.
Meals on wheels.dpa

Berlin-While Sunday we all bought presents and made breakfast for the woman that brought us into this world, tomorrow is Germany's Father's Day (Männertag or Vatertag), where men get to join up, drink a breakfast of beer and walk through the streets in packs towing small trailers of beer to supply a mid-morning snack of beer, a beer lunch and of course an afternoon snack of beer. 

The beer snacking isn't just limited to fathers on German Father's Day but is open to all men, raising the question of whether the holiday in which fathers get to shirk all responsbility and just drink with their buddies is possibly symbolic of men's historically weak (or non-existent) role in child-rearing.


But we like to think we modern fathers are different, and are allowed one special day of having beer for breakfast (the other days with beer for breakfast aren't special).

Anyway, the stores also happen to be closed on Männertag because it's also yet another holiday to celebrate something Jesus did or did not do 2,000 or so years ago (this time it's Ascenscion Day, or Himmelfahrt if you want a good chuckle). But with the corona lockdown still in place, Vatertag must be celebrated while taking a few rules into consideration. Most importantly, the traditional packs of men are verboten.

What's allowed?

Outside, no more than five people from a max two households can meet. Inside? One household and one other person. Children under 14 don't count, inside or out. And neither do anyone who's recovered from the disease in the past six months or who is two weeks out from their second vaccination. The vaccinated and recovered are also exempt from the 10pm to 5am curfew that still applies to everyone else. 

Police are expecting a quiet Vatertag, mostly because of a somewhat depressing forecast. The DWD German weather service expects the skies to be mostly cloudy and rainy early in the day. The weather will let up during the day though showers and possibly thunderstorms are possible in the afternoon with highs between 14 to 17 degrees. 

Keep a sweater and raingear in your wagons, party people!

We'll be back Friday.