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Not so difficult to get a vaccination appointment any more.
Not so difficult to get a vaccination appointment any more.dpa/Bernd Shackow

The latest corona stats for Berlin (compiled Thursday, 1 July)

Berliners vaccinated with one vaccine dose: 54.4 per cent (54.1 per cent Wednesday)

Berliners fully vaccinated:  34.9 per cent (34.2 per cent Wednesday)

New cases in one day: 46 (22 Wednesday)

Total number of corona deaths: 3,560 (+1)

🟢 R number: 0.76 (0.79 Wednesday)

🟢 New infections per 100,000 inhabitants per week: 5.5 (5.7 Wednesday)

🟢 Share of Berlin ICUs occupied by Covid-19 patients: 4.8 per cent (5.1 per cent Wednesday)

Source: Berlin's corona information page.

The Delta sky, it is not falling

The head of the public insurance doctors' association said politicians are over-reacting to the Delta variant. "It's irresponsible to always work with scenarios of end times," Dr. Andreas Gassen told newswire dpa. He said fully vaccinated people should be exempt from quarantines when returning from risky countries and said that although Delta is more contagious, it hasn't yet proven to lead to more severe illnesses. 

Cancelling vaccination appointments

Up to 20 per cent of all vaccination appointments in the city's vaccination centres are cancelled, a spokesperson for local health authorities confirmed. The official said it wasn't because people were having second thoughts, it was more likely that they had found an earlier appointment elsewhere (after all, adding yourself to endless lists to get daycare spots, apartments or vaccinations has become a necessary hobby in Berlin). Only about 2 per cent of appointments end in no shows, he said.

Bye-bye home office

Starting today, companies no longer have to allow employees to work from home though 65 per cent of employees would like to keep the requirement in place, according to a Yougov study in Germany. Working from home is the best if we can stop making jokes about working in pajamas (I am) and also no more Zoom meetings

To the movies!

Today's a huuuge day for Berlin cinemas. Nearly all of the city's 92 movie theatres are opening up after months of painful shutdown - with a total of 24 films on offer. Moviegoers must show a negative corona test, a vaccination certificate or shown proof that they've recovered from corona. People may only remove their masks while seated.

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