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The latest corona stats for Berlin (tallied Tuesday, 23 February)

New cases in one day: +268 (287 Monday)

Total number of corona deaths: 2,766 (+26 over Monday)

🟢 R number: 1.04 (1.24 Monday)

🔴 New infections per week: 57.9/100,000 inhabitants (57.2 Monday)

🟡 Share of Berlin ICUs occupied by Covid-19 patients: 19.4 per cent (19.5 per cent Monday)

Source: Berlin's coronavirus status page

The lowdown ...

Police officers not interested in AstraZeneca

Some of the city's police are hesitant to volunteer for inoculation after 24,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine were made available to Berlin officers. An association of officers questioned the effectiveness of the vaccine and worried about liability issues since only volunteers would be vaccinated. The police union said it trusted doctors and immunologists and hoped that those afraid of AstraZeneca would opt for a different vaccine in the future (44 cops currently have corona, 11o are in quarantine). 

But are homeless people?

Erika Breitenbach (Die Linke) told the Funk Mediengruppe she would like to vaccinate the 3,000 Berlin homeless people living in shelters with unused AstraZeneca vaccines. Breitenbach, the city's social minister, hopes to start the process next week. 

Retailers losing money and patience

Major retailers such as DIY shop Obi, electronics chain MediaMarktSaturn and clothier Peek & Cloppenburg have filed a series of suits throughout Germany hoping to reopen stores after two months of lockdown - and sometimes seeking damages from the government. The companies say retail hasn't been a major site of infection and cautioned against extending closures beyond 8 March. Many stores are on the brink of insolvency, they say.  

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In case you missed it ....

Scientist Tom Rapoport was essentially punished by institutions in a reunified Germany for having worked in East Germany. Harvard didn't care. 

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