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Add a negative test to your shopping list.
Add a negative test to your shopping list.Photo: Volkmar Otto

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The latest corona stats for Berlin (tallied Wednesday, 30 March)

Berliners vaccinated with one vaccine dose: 11.4 per cent 

New cases in one day: +1,012 (+663 Tuesday)

Total number of corona deaths: 3,047 (+8 over Tuesday)

🟢 R number: 0.85 (1.23 Tuesday)

🔴 New infections per week: 138.1/100,000 inhabitants (142.2 Tuesday)

🟡 Share of Berlin ICUs occupied by Covid-19 patients: 19.3 per cent (18.3 per cent Tuesday)

Sources: Berlin's coronavirus status page,

The lowdown ...

Test and don't shop

The first day of requiring a same-day test to shop in non-essential stores proved anecdotally a flop Wednesday. One of our German colleagues at the entrance to Kaufhof on Alex watched as non-tested shopper after non-tested shopper was turned away. That is, of the handful that even attempted to shop. Berlin mayor Michael Müller went against Chancellor Angela Merkel by attempting to keep non-essential shops open in the Hauptstadt but it appears he's doing no one but his political profile a favour. 

9pm curfew and daycares back on emergency care only

But the Berlin government is meeting Thursday morning and may pass a tougher lockdown: No more than two people can be outside together between 9pm and 5am. One's own children are exempt from the proposed proposed regulation, which was obtained by the Berliner Zeitung. Daycares would also return to emergency care only. If passed, the new rules would go into effect Friday.

No outdoor swimming pools for now

The outdoor swimming season would normally have begun on Good Friday (2 April) at the beach in Wannsee but corona has kyboshed those plans. The city's swimming pool department says it doesn't yet know when it will open its outdoor pools this year. But, hey, lakes are always open (if you maintain good corona distance).

In case you missed it ....

Our state interior minister, Andreas Geisel (SPD), had some interesting things to say about racism and Berlin policing as he summarised his term, which ends in September.

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