The latest corona stats for Berlin (tallied Tuesday, 20 April)

Berliners vaccinated with one vaccine dose: 20.2 per cent (19.7 per cent Monday)

New cases in one day: +759 (+463 Monday)

Total number of corona deaths: 3,163 (+10 compared to Monday)

🟢 R number: 1 (1.11 Monday)

🔴 New infections per week: 152/100,000 inhabitants (151 Monday)

🔴 Share of Berlin ICUs occupied by Covid-19 patients: 26.3 per cent (26.2 per cent Monday)

Sources: Berlin's coronavirus status page,

The latest:

Four demonstrations against new infection law 

Thousands of people are expected to attend various Querdenker protests against an update to Germany's infectious disease legislation, which is expected to be passed by the Bundestag, the lower house of parliament, Wednesday. The Berlin police banned four demos on the grounds that some demonstrators had said online they wouldn't follow corona rules. Participants of the banned demos are expected to join the protests that are being allowed. Around 2,200 police officers have been deployed to the government quarter in Mitte. The new legislation will impose nationwide corona rules such as nighttime curfews and school closures based on local incidence rates. 

FFP2 mask rule under fire

For weeks now, Berliners have been required to wear FFP2 masks just about everywhere indoors, from the U-Bahn to the supermarket. Politcians argued they provided better protection from the coronavirus than surgical masks, but now the German Society for Hospital Hygiene (DGKH) has voiced objections to the rule: "High performance respirators are intended for the workplace. Only when used correctly, does their effectiveness generally exceed that of surgical masks," the DGKH said in a statement. The organisation says people need training on how to properly use an FFP2 mask, since they must be fitted correctly to the face.

Corona app 2.0 out today

An updated version of the government-funded Corona-Warn-App is now available in the Apple Store and Google Play. A new function lets users check in at stores and venues by scanning a QR-code. The app will later inform the user if any people who tested positive (and told the app) were present at the same time. The update provides similar functionality to the privately developed Luca app. It's hoped that the Corona-Warn-App - created by the Robert Koch Institute - will be used to register attendees at events such as concerts once they're possible again.

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