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The photographer's keys, left, and the key to your summer travel, right.
The photographer's keys, left, and the key to your summer travel, right.Photo: imago

The latest corona stats for Berlin (tallied Tuesday, 27 April)

Berliners vaccinated with one vaccine dose: 22.4 per cent  (22.05 per cent Monday)

New cases in one day: +951 (+793 Monday)

Total number of corona deaths: 3,201 (+8 compared to Monday)

🟢 R number: 0.91 (1.05 Monday)

🔴 New infections per week: 136.5/100,000 inhabitants (137.9 Monday)

🔴 Share of Berlin ICUs occupied by Covid-19 patients: 27.2 per cent (27.1 per cent Monday)

Sources: Berlin's coronavirus status page,

The latest:

Health passport for tourists

The European Union is working on legislation that would allow recreational travel between member countries with the help of a digital health passport. The document would show vaccination status as well as if the holder has recently recovered from a Covid-19 infection. It could also include the latest test results. Germany has contracted three IT companies to develop a digital vaccination record that would fulfill the EU requirements. The idea is similar to a current agreement between Greece, Cyprus and Israel that allows vaccinated Israelis to travel in the countries. 

Will BVG start using the front door again?

A top employee representative at BVG asked the public transit authroity to delay plans to allow passengers to board buses using the front door for a month or longer until corona numbers drop. The BVG hopes to launch a cashless payment system in buses Monday but the official said drivers may launch a spontaneous sick-out to protest the plans. To protect drivers during the pandemic, drivers ceased selling tickets and passengers have boarded buses using rear doors. 

Barcelona concert provides hope

A test concert in March in Barcelona may become a template for re-opening culture after it didn't lead to an outbreak. Negative tests were required of all 5,000 attendees and FFP2 masks had to be worn during the show with indie band Love of Lesbians. A week after the event, only six of the concertgoers had caught corona. Officials said only two of the cases are seen as potentially sprouting from the show, according to public broadcaster Inforadio. A similar test last year in Leipzig only led to cryptic recommendations for ventilation and capacity levels based on the weekly incidence.

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