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The DFB Pokal went to Dortmund for the fifth time after the final in a corona-empty Olympic Stadium Thursday. Here, players from second-place Leipzig pass the trophy.
The DFB Pokal went to Dortmund for the fifth time after the final in a corona-empty Olympic Stadium Thursday. Here, players from second-place Leipzig pass the trophy.imago

The latest corona stats for Berlin (tallied Friday, 14 May)

Berliners vaccinated with one vaccine dose: 32.8 per cent (30.2 per cent Wednesday)

New cases in one day: +155 (+707 Thursday) 

Total number of corona deaths: 3,396 (+71)

🟢 R number: 0.67 (0.7 Thursday)

🔴 New infections per week: 71.5/100,000  inhabitants (83.4 Thursday)

🟡 Share of Berlin ICUs occupied by Covid-19 patients: 20.5 per cent (21.2 per cent Thursday)

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Sources: Berlin's coronavirus status page,

The latest news

Vaccinations for all (but not really) 

With little explanation - and apparent forethought- Berlin officials have opened vaccinations to everyone in the capital, following the lead of the southern states of Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bavaria. Doctors are understandably annoyed because they're already having to wrestle with constant enquiries from people with no risk factors hoping to score either an AstraZeneca or a Johnson & Johnson jab - the two vaccines were already open to all takers. The city's six vaccination centres will continue to follow the federal government's priority list. But just because everyone is now eligible for vaccination doesn't mean there's enough vaccine - several doctors told newswire dpa their orders are regularly only partially filled.

Can we have our rights back, please?

German justice minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) told Handelsblatt that she thinks corona restrictions will be widely lifted for everyone in the coming weeks and, in some areas, days. "I want there to be changes for all of us, not just the vaccinated and recovered," she said. It's important that people can quickly regain their constitutional rights, she said. 

Neukölln vaxx push

Neukölln and Berlin are working together to vaccinate everyone over 18 in areas especially impacted by corona. From 14 to 16 May, anyone living in the below adresses can get vaccinated with the one-time shot from Johnson & Johnson or the two-time vaccine from Moderna in the gym at the Köllnischen Heide school (Hänselstraße 6) without an appointment (bring your Anmeldebescheinung as proof of address).

  • Michel-Bohnen-Ring
  • Michel-Bohnen-Ring
  • Peter-Anders-Straße
  • Heinrich-Schlusnus-Straße
  • Leo-Slezak-Straße
  • Joseph-Schmidt-Straße
  • Fritzi-Massary-Straße
  • Neuköllnische Allee 123-151
  • Aronsstraße Sonnenallee 275-281
  • Dieselstraße Treptower Straße
  • Werrastraße
  • Truseweg
  • Ulsterstraße
  • Stuttgarter Straße
  • Roseggerstraße
  • Wilhelm-Busch-Straße
  • Wörnitzweg
  • Sonnenallee 125-163
  • Weigandufer 26 – 38
  • Drübecker Weg
  • Kelbraer Straße
  • Teupitzer Straße
  • Kiehlufer 121-145
  • Harzer Straße 57-67
  • Weserstraße 71-152

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While building new apartments on Fischerinsel, construction workers found a toilet from the Middle Ages. Both will now live together.

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