No event, no money. An #alarmstuferot demo in Erfut earlier this month.
No event, no money. An #alarmstuferot demo in Erfut earlier this month.
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First, the official coronavirus stats for Berlin (tallied Tuesday, 8 September)

R number: 1.02 (1.01 day earlier)

New infections per week: 14 / 100,000 inhabitants (13.7 day earlier)

Percentage of covid-19 patients in intensive care: 1.2 per cent (no change)

Total number of corona deaths: 226 (no new deaths)

Source: Berlin's coronavirus status page 

The lowdown...

Another corona demo today ... no not that kind

At midday today people working in the events industry ("the sixth biggest economic sector in Germany") are taking to the streets to highlight their troubles in the corona pandemic - under the hashtag #AlarmstufeRot (red alert). At exactly 12.05pm a march begins at Alexanderplatz and a vehicle convoy kicks off from Olympischer Platz. Both converge at the Brandenburg Gate. Demonstrators are demanding more financial aid for their sector.

AfD gonna AfD

Local AfD politicians Frank Scholtysek and Marc Vallendar are doing victory laps following their court victory over those pesky pop-up bikes lanes earlier this week. The duo is demanding the immediate removal of the lanes. Scholtysek called the judgement deeming the pop-up paths illegal a "victory of individual mobility over the hatred of cars."   A rather manic way of describing the eight short sections of temporary bike lane that were set up in the pandemic - mostly in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. The Berlin government is appealing the court's decision.

Neonazi corona scammer in Neukölln

Berlin cops raided two apartments as part of investigations of a 34-year-old man suspected of both defrauding the state of €5,000 in emergency corona aid and being involved in a series of rightwing arson attacks that took place in Neukölln between 2016 and 2018. A special task force discovered that Sebastian T. had applied for emergency corona cash for a non-existent landscaping company. Along with a 37-year-old Thilo P., T. is suspected of having set ablaze cars belonging to leftwing activists in Neukölln. Since 2016, more than 70 rightwing attacks have been reported in Neukölln, including 23 cases of arson.

In case you missed it ...

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