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Chancellor Merkel and chief-of-staff Braun. They usually both go the same direction.
Chancellor Merkel and chief-of-staff Braun. They usually both go the same direction.dpa

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🚥 The latest corona stats for Berlin (tallied Thursday, 26 November)

New cases in one day: 1,110 (Wednesday 1,630)

Total number of corona deaths: 527 (+19 over Wednesday)

🟢 R number: 0.77 (0.81 Wednesday)

🔴 New infections per week: 215.6 / 100,000 inhabitants (218.4 Wednesday)

🟡 Share of Berlin ICUs occupied by Covid-19 patients: 24.2 per cent (24.7 per cent Wednesday)

Source: Berlin's coronavirus status page 

The lowdown...

How about a lockdown until March?

Helge Braun, Chancellor Angela Merkel's chief of staff and a trained intensive care doctor, warned in a Thursday interview with broadcaster RTL that current corona restrictions could last until March. It came after Karl Lauterbach, health expert for the centre-left SPD, said the lockdown had slowed the spread but not as much as expected

Berlin's Senat has confirmed the current lockdown will continue until 22 December, before the start of the festive period from 23 December to 1 January. However, unlike the rest of Germany, Berlin won't enjoy an easing of contact restrictions for Christmas and New Year. Read our breakdown of all the festive changes coming soon here.

Even our closest relatives are having trouble finding a new place in Berlin

The city's two zoos are struggling financially even though they are allowed to be open during the latest lockdown. Visitor numbers have dropped by 90 per cent, director Andreas Knieriem told this paper. The zoos are relying on savings to pay the bills, which means planned renovations, including an upgrade to an ape house and Himalaya exhibit, will be delayed. Just to feed and keep the animals warm (or cold) costs €140,000 a day.

First hospital closed to new patients

The St. Marien hospital in Lankwitz will remain closed to new patients until 30 November, Berliner Morgenpost reported. The hospital has been inundated with Covid-19 patients, leading to the temporary closure. Patients and ambulances are being redirected to other nearby facilities. 

In case you missed it...

The English Edition is lucky to have a visiting journalist from Egypt. Moustafa Daly recently asked a few nightclub and bar owners how they're getting on during corona, especially since they can't do what they do.

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