Tresor founder hoping to open new club in Prenzlau

Dimitri Hegemann hopes cultural events can help reverse the flight of young residents from small towns. 

Dimitri in his club.<br>
Dimitri in his club.
BLZ/Paulus Ponizak

Berlin/Prenzlau-It's hard to even imagine a club night at this point but Tresor founder Dimitri Hegemann is already looking beyond the pandemic.  

Last week on Facebook Hegemann said he was looking for young colleagues in Prenzlau "interested in setting up and running a small club for electronic music."

Hegemann confirmed his plans to open a club in the city, located about 100km north of Berlin in Brandenburg, but said he wants to manage the project together with local residents. He only wants to provide the necessary support.

"Young people need space," he said and believes a club can help. 

Happy Locals

He should know. The former bassist of Leningrad Sandwich has been a staple of Berlin's electronic music scene since the 1980s and in 1991 opened Tresor, partially in an old safe in a derelict Wertheim department store in Leipziger Straße. The original Tresor closed in 2005 but reopened in an old power plant in Köpenicker Straße in 2007. 

Hegemann's latest plans have been well-received and he said he's had several hundred people contact him. Prenzlau mayor Hendrik Sommer confirmed Hegemann has been in touch and the city welcomes outside investment.

The idea is in keeping with Hegemann's Happy Locals initiative, which he founded in 2012 to offer cultural events in small German towns to battle the emigration of young residents to larger nearby cities. 

Andrew Bulkeley adapted this article from the original German.