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The latest corona stats for Berlin (compiled Tuesday, 24 August)

Berliners vaccinated with one vaccine dose: 63.9 per cent (63.6 per cent Monday)

Berliners fully vaccinated: 58.4 per cent (57.8 per cent Monday)

New cases in one day: 645 (42 Monday)

Total number of corona deaths: 3,592 (+4)

🔴 7-day incidence rate - new infections per 100,000 inhabitants per week: 68.7 (67.1 Monday)

🟡 Development of the 7-day incidence rate over the past week: +9 per cent (+1 per cent Monday)

🟢 Share of Berlin ICUs occupied by Covid-19 patients: 5.3 per cent (5.3 per cent Monday)

Source: Berlin's corona information page.

Berlin keeps some free testing

Although the federal government and 16 states recently agreed to cut funding for free corona tests by 11 October, Berlin's state health minister Dilek Kalayci (SPD) said Monday that the capital would continue to provide free tests for non-vaccinated people in its 12 state-run centres. Privately run centres will no longer receive state financing. 

New rules since Monday

Yesterday the 3G rule kicked in (geimpft, getestet, genesen) meaning we have to show that we've been vaccinated, tested or recovered from Covid-19 to get in to pretty much any indoor public space: hospitals and care homes, swimming pools and sport facilities, gyms, hotels, cinemas and indoor restaurants. No proof is required outside in restaurants and bars. The non-vaccinated or recovered must either have a rapid test no older than 24 hours or a PCR test no more than 48 hours old. 

Our last update!

After putting out a corona update every weekday for the past year, this will be our last. Berliner Zeitung English Edition is being hit by company-wide lay offs at Berliner Verlag and will be phased out by the end of August. Till then we'll be posting some of our favourite articles from the past year at www.berliner-zeitung.de/en. It was certainly an interesting ride for us. We hope we made the pandemic a little more bearable for you. Thanks for reading!

Maurice Frank & Andrew Bulkeley