Two men in custody in suspected honour killing

Body discovered Thursday in Bavaria is likely that of the suspects' sister. She had been missing since mid-July.

Holding cells at a Brandenburg police station because we have to have a picture with every article.
Holding cells at a Brandenburg police station because we have to have a picture with every article.imago

Berlin-Two Afghan citizens remain in jail in Berlin, suspected in an honour killing of their divorced sister, investigators and prosecutors said in a joint statement Friday. Officials discovered a corpse Thursday in Bavaria near the home of one of the suspects.

The two men, aged 22 and 25, are suspected of killing their 34-year-old sister in Berlin on 13 July, according to the release. The suspects then allegedly packed her body in a suitcase and took a train to southern Germany, where they buried their sister's body. 

"The evaluation of video recordings from surveillance cameras at Berlin's main train station, cellphone information, witness statements and other investigative findings have established the suspicion of murder against the two brothers," the statement said. 

Moral standards

Honour killings became a household word in Berlin in 2005 when 23-year-old Hatun Sürücü was murdered by her brother at a bus stop in Tempelhof. The native Berliner had just returned from Turkey after leaving her husband who, reports say, she was forced to marry. Her decsion and attempt to emancipate herself reportedly annoyed her three brothers. 

Sürücü's youngest brother was sentenced as a juvenile to nine years and three months for the crime but two other brothers were acquitted because of a lack of evidence. 

In this recent case, Berlin officials said cooperation with Bavarian officers led to the discovery of the corpse, which will now be autopsied to confirm the identity and cause of death. 

"According to the arrest warrant, the two suspects allegedly felt offended because their divorced sister's life did not meet their moral standards," the statement said.

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