Weißensee: Police shoot woman at tram stop

The suspect had allegedly threatened someone with a knife. She is in hospital without life-threatening injuries after a canine unit halted her attempt to flee. 

Polizei, but not from Wednesday.
Polizei, but not from Wednesday.imago images

Berlin-Two police officers fired at a woman allegedly threatening people with in Weissensee late Wednesday, injuring her and damaging a tram stop, police said. The woman was hit in the leg and transported to the hospital but did not suffer life-threatening injuries.

Police were first called to the Albertinenstraße tram stop in Berliner Allee at 9.45pm because a 68-year-old woman had threatened a passenger with a knife. When the officers arrived at the stop, the woman had a knife in one hand and scissors in the other.

"Despite a warning shot in the air, the 68-year-old disregarded the demands and continued to walk towards the police officers with the knife and the scissors," police spokesman Martin Halweg said. Officers then fired at the woman. The shots hit the woman, the stop's safety glass and the illuminated BVG information panel.

The suspect then moved toward Greifswalder Straße with an injured leg. Officers who had subsequently arrived unleashed their canine.

"That ended the escape attempt," Halweg said.

Investigation ongoing

The woman was treated by paramedics and an emergency doctor at the scene and then transported to a hospital.

Berlin criminal investigators were on-scene until early Thursday collecting evidence including bullets and DNA traces. Berliner Allee was closed from Mahlerstraße to Smetanastraße.

Homicide detectives will investigate the incident, as with all police-related shootings.