Woman ejected from wading pool for sunbathing topless

Park security and the police were reportedly involved in the incident nearly two weeks ago.

Okay, it's the water playground in the Volkspark am Weinberg but they're similar.
Okay, it's the water playground in the Volkspark am Weinberg but they're similar.dpa

Berlin-Police officers and park security on 21 June were involved in a dispute at a kids wading pool in Treptower Park after a woman reportedly sunbathed topless. 

The mother was ultimately forced to leave the pool, Tagesspiegel reported, and has already begun campaigning to allow women to go topless anywhere men are allowed to. 

"I have lived in Berlin since 2012 and have never experienced anything like this," Gabrielle Lebreton told the paper.

According to the woman's account on Facebook, she and a friend had taken kids to the pool to play. When she removed her top, she was approached by park security. They asked her to put on a top in keeping with park rules but she refused because men were allowed to be topless in the park.

After a short argument, the security guards left but returned about 30 minutes later with police officers, who forced her to leave. 

A breast is a breast is a breast

Police confirmed they are investigating the incident and will comment later Wednesday. Nudity isn't legally forbidden in Germany though property owners - including the state - are allowed to set rules in specific areas.

Lebreton told the paper she has taken the incident as an opportunity to draw attention to the unequal treatment of men and women. Last Sunday, she organised an "Equal breasts for all" meeting, which was also about "brainstorming and assigning duties."

"The misogynistic incident at the wading pool in Plänterwald on Sunday, 21 June, serves as a springboard to this goal," her appeal says. 

We previously errouneously reported that Lebreton had been breastfeeding at the pool.

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