Berlin - An SUV driver caused several accidents while fleeing from the police late Monday. The 27-year-old suspect threatened police with a bomb when he was arrested Monday evening in Prenzlauer Berg, officials said, but after a search of the vehicle, no bomb was found. However, the man injured five police officers and was admitted to a psychiatric ward.

What went down: Several witnesses reported a man in a Range Rover stopping erratically around 8pm on Reinickendorfer Straße in Wedding, obstructing traffic. At the intersection of Schulstraße, he allegedly positioned his SUV at an angle in front of another motorist at a red light to be first in line. When the light turned green, he accelerated, grazing the BMW, and sped away.

A patrol car saw the SUV on Müllerstraße and gave chase. The suspect ran several red lights in hopes of absconding, forcing other motorists to brake to prevent collisions.

The Range Rover collided with a police car at Eberswalder Straße and several squad cars were needed to stop the driver a few hundred metres further at the Danziger Straße intersection. Officers overpowered and arrested the suspect. During his arrest, the 27-year-old put up considerable resistance and claimed to have a bomb in his car, which was a lie.

Arrested and taken to hospital

An ambulance took the apparently confused man to a hospital, where he again resisted. No further information was released about the man's condition. He's under investigation for traffic endangerment, hit-and-run and illegal street racing, resisting and disturbing the peace by threatening to commit criminal acts.

Public transit in the area was temporarily halted.

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